Sixth Form College, Farnborough visit to Oberursel

Sixth Form visiting Oberursel

Having just returned from the German Exchange Trip, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. During the week leading up to the trip I experienced worries because I knew I would have to be independent throughout the week and would have to utilise my use of German in order to communicate with my exchange friend. Despite my worries, Eve and her family were lovely and I believe our personalities were matched very well. This therefore means that during my stay we got very close and I have now made a friend of whom I will be able to keep forever.

During the trip itself I loved the amount of independence we got as students and what was also great was that we met with the other English and German students every day through social events and school. This therefore has really developed my own personal sense of independence.

As well as the events which the German students organised, we also had pre-arranged outings as a whole class which included the teachers and these were also culturally fun. Although we had to travel a long time via coach to reach a few destinations, the museums were educational and interesting.

At Eve's house I was able to use my German to communicate with her family and could therefore totally immerse myself within the German culture which made the trip more enjoyable and educational. I was able to dramatically improve my confidence and accuracy when speaking German which I can now apply during my German classes and also for my oral exam. As well as this, Eve also improved her English whilst I was living with her and together we both helped each other to improve one another's ability.

The length of trip was also perfect. It was enough time to adjust to the German culture and get a good insight into their way of life whilst using and understanding the language. Yet it was short enough so that the week was exciting and so that there was always something to do everyday. The activities were organised brilliantly each day and we were kept thoroughly busy throughout the week with a range of diverse and exciting social events. The grant from the Twinning Association of Rushmoor really helped to keep the visit affordable for everyone plus the fact that because we went to a twin town, we all stayed with families rather than paying for hotels.

During this trip I have met so many new people, both English and German and I honestly had the best time of my life. I would strongly recommend this trip to anyone interested in taking German because it is a priceless experience that has taught me so much about myself, the German culture and the language. Since the trip, we have set up a facebook group formed of everyone on the trip and are currently planning to return during the summer holidays.

Written by Olivia Whalley, 1st year student at the Sixth Form College, Farnborough, 20th March 2010