Schools band tour to Oberursel

"We had trouble finding a couple of the venues. Last time we had someone from Twinning riding on the coach most days which helped, where as this time we only had addresses but we coped.

The concerts all went very well. The Gymnasium has a great new hall and the children there really enjoyed the concert. The Stierstadt concert went well too.

The venue for the final concert with Frohsinn was very small as was the audience but I don't think our lot noticed. It was nice for the bands to hear each other.

The hostel was fabulous (Jugendherberge, Bad Homburg). The bowling and swimming worked well too.

We took gifts for Town Twinning and the venues which went down well. Framed photo of the band and framed certificate of thanks.

Concerts venues:

  • Concert at Stierstadt school
  • Concert at Gymnasium school
  • Concert at Aumuhlenresidenz retirement home
  • Concert at Frohsinn Brass Cafe"