Cactus Brass performs at Christmas Market

Linda reports:
We started with our usual carols in the Rathausplatz around the tree. We attended the splendid welcome breakfast on Saturday morning at Zum Adler complete with fascinating tour of the butcher's, which gave us a few ideas for the rest of the weekend....
Following this we took ourselves off to an old folks home we had not visited before and performed for an hour to a very appreciative audience.
The focal point of our visit was obviously the Christmas Tree since we played again around it both Saturday and Sunday evenings! We were also welcomed at The Swan, where we entertained a Japanese choir who had been performing in the church - and for our troubles received our supper and beer! What more can you ask for?!
Sunday was very busy, starting with performing in every nook and cranny in the Brauhaus - the best bit being 'arranged' on the double staircase whilst people ate their breakfast - such fun (oh and the free beers slipped down nicely too!). We played twice at the Rathaus for the Twinning Association - once in the foyer and once draped along the easy chairs right beside the stalls.
And our final offering was back to Zum Adler where we started off in the beer garden (with the inevitable free beer!) but there were not many people there so the landlord invited us in and we had a fabulous time carolling with an amazing gentleman providing a glorious tenor accompaniment for both the English carols and the German ones which David had arranged specially for us. He was also a whizz on the spoons and a great time was had by all. We were so warmly welcomed that we decided to stay for our supper and were very touched that we were not allowed to pay for that either!
All in all a very successful visit!