British Legion Band visit to Sulechów

In Zielona Gora
The Farnborough Concert Band of the Royal British Legion visited Sulechow and the surrounding area in Poland in November 2008 and, more recently in August 2011. Both visits were over a period of 4 days and have been supported by the Twinning Association.

In 2011, 33 members of the band (plus 7 non playing supporters) aged from 16 through to 72, toured around Sulechow performing a total of four times for enthusiastic audiences at both outdoor and indoor venues. The support given to the band by the twinning association in Farnborough and also Sulechów enabled the band to send all their equipment including instruments, uniform and music to Poland by van and for the band to tour around the area by coach.

The band took part in musical events as well as being able to see some of the cultural sights of the area like the Wooden Church and the massive statue of Christ. The band consisted of people from many backgrounds including students, teachers, health service employees, scientists, young Mums, retirees and many other professions. Music is a marvelous way of bringing together people from all ages and cultures. Links were established with the people of Sulechów in 2008 and have been further strengthened in 2011. An invitation to return has already been made to the band who would certainly enjoy another visit and the marvelous hospitality that the Polish people provide.

The band also hopes to welcome a student from Zielona Gora to Farnborough in 2012 that helped translate for the band in 2011. Although the band only had a smattering of Polish between them, the music helped build communication and the audiences left every event with happy smiling faces especially when the band played Polish folk songs and the Polish National Anthem.

The contribution made by the twinning association to the band’s visit to Sulechów ensured that the overall cost was kept to an affordable level enabling all members of the band to go on the trip.