Sixth Form College Music Department Visit to Oberursel

A Student Perspective

The Music Department trip to Germany was an amazing experience both culturally and musically. Everybody was touched by how welcoming the host families were, even taking one student to visit Cologne. A highlight for all of us was meeting up on the first night after the rehearsal when we were joined by most of the host students and had a chance to get to know them all. We joined the orchestra of the Musikschule in Oberursel for two rehearsals and a concert, along with the students from Epinay in France and Lomonossov in Russia. It gave us a chance to appreciate the musicianship of people from other countries and everyone felt we communicated well despite the language barrier. Like everybody we met, the conductor Holger Pusinelli had infectious enthusiasm!

The Musikschule showed us around Frankfurt which we really enjoyed, especially visiting the stunning cathedral and climbing up to the rooftop cafe to see the beautiful skyline of the city.

Visiting during the Hessentag made it a unique experience, especially as it has never been hosted by Oberursel before and won’t be again for many years. I don’t think any of use realised quite how significant it was until we arrived and saw all the final preparations. Once it had started on Friday there was always something (or two or three things simultaneously) that we wanted to go and watch. It seemed like almost every single person living around Oberursel was involved in some way with the festivities; the atmosphere was fantastic!

Most importantly, at the end of the trip we felt that we really bonded as a group of students and made what will hopefully be lifelong friendships allowing us to return to Oberursel in the future.

Mimi Doulton, AS Music student and viola player!

College press release: College Students play in International Orchestra

On 12th June, students from the College were invited to join with students performing in a concert entitled “Music is our First Love”, part of the Hessentag Festival 2011. The orchestra of eighty players was made up from the orchestra of the Musicschule in Oberursel, along with students from Epinay in France and Lomonossov in Russia, both twin towns of Oberursel. The programme included Bizet’s Carmen Overture, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy for which the orchestra was joined by a choir of over 50 people and Bernstein’s Tonight, performed with guest singers.

Having performed nationally many times, this was the first time the Music Department had gone to foreign shores. The students Alex Tay, David Pitts, Amy Edwards, Mimi Doulton, Alice Jamieson, Elysia Newton, Eloise Bolton and Eberechi Anucha finished their AS level exams the day they flew out to Frankfurt in time for the first rehearsal. The five day trip not only allowed the students to perform together with a mix of nationalities but also gave them a chance to experience German cultures and traditions with the massive Hessentag festival, a once in a lifetime event for Oberursel. As well as the trip to Oberursel we visited Frankfurt including the stunning cathedral, Goethe’s birthplace and climbing up to the rooftop cafe to experience Germany’s most impressive city skyline.

This was our first visit to Oberursel but the host families could not have been more welcoming and generous with their time and help. Only one student spoke German but there was no language barrier, many students becoming proficient at using the German transport system! “The trip to Germany was an amazing experience. We really bonded as a group of students and made what will hopefully be lifelong friendships so that we can return to Oberursel in the future”.

Mimi Doulton, AS student