Recent Past Events

16 to 19 November 2017,

Farnborough Sixth Form students at Chopin Music Festival

Classical music students from Farnborough Sixth Form are planning to participate in the annual Chopin Music Festival in Sulechow.

09 to 12 November 2017,

Meudon jazz band in Farnborough

Farnborough Sixth Form College has invited a student jazz band from Meudon to participate in its College Concert on 9 November.

14 to 16 October 2017,

Toboggan Meudonnais (cycling event)

Participants from Rushmoor are invited to take part in this cycling event in and around Meudon. Distances are: 45km, 70km, 90km. Unfortunately, this invitation has since been rescinded.

06 to 08 October 2017,

Music lecture on Debussy

A member of Rushmoor's Twinning Association has been asked to deliver another music lecture in Meudon, this year on Debussy.

06 to 08 October 2017,

Meudon runners in Rushmoor's 10K

For the first time, runners from Meudon will be taking part in Rushmoor's 10K and hosted by members of the Blackwater Valley Running Club.

28 to 30 September 2017,

Visit to Rushmoor by members of Meudon Historical Society

The group has asked to visit FAST, St Michael's Abbey, and the Military Museum and also make contact with local historical societies. All arrangements have been made.

25 to 29 August 2017,

Oberursel Twinning Association visit

Members of Oberursel's Twinning Association will be visiting Rushmoor and the surrounding area. Most visitors will be staying with Rushmoor Twinning Association members.

08 to 12 June 2017,

Farnborough's French Language Circle visit to Meudon

Members of Rendez-Vous, Farnborough's French Language Circle, will be visiting Meudon and the Loire Valley for their annual exchange.

03 to 06 June 2017,

International Youth Football Tournament

Rushmoor is invited to send an U12 team to participate in this annual tournament.

12 to 13 May 2017,

British-German Association Conference inBristol

A day of workshops, speakers and networking for all those interested in cultural, educational and sport links. More...

26 to 27 March 2017,

Foulee Meudonnaise (Fun Runs) - a family event

Participants from Rushmoor are invited to take part in Fun Runs and/or a walk in Meudon. Beautiful route through the forest. More...

28 to 29 January 2017,

Farnborough Camera Club 75th anniversary exhibition

FCC has invited its partner club in Oberursel, Photo-Cirkel, to exhibit photos in its special 75th anniversary exhibition in Princes Mead.

07 to 09 December 2016,

Sixth Sense jazz band from Farnborough 6th play in Meudon

Farnborough Sixth Form College's jazz band play at markets and other venues in Meudon. All students stay with host families.

25 to 27 November 2016,

Chopin Music Festival

Farnborough Sixth Form is sending 8 or 9 student musicians to participate in this annual festival of Chopin's music.

24 to 28 November 2016,

Oberursel Christmas Market

Members of Rushmoor's Twinning Association travel to Oberursel with English Christmas goodies to sell at the town's Christmas Market.

24 to 28 November 2016,

Cactus Brass Band performs at Christmas Market

Cactus Brass return to Oberursel to play for the crowds at the Christmas Market and other venues.

17 to 19 November 2016,

Farnborough Camera Club celebrates

Farnborough Camera Club celebrates 75 years and invites members of its partner club in Oberursel, Photo-Cirkel, to attend the special dinner.

07 to 09 October 2016,

Oberursel Twinning Association 25 years

Farnborough Sixth Form Jazz Band will perform at Oberursel's Twinning Association 25th anniversary celebrations.

07 to 09 October 2016,

Oberursel photo club welcomes visitors from Rushmoor

Two members of Farnborough Camera Club travel to Oberursel for the opening of Photo-Cirkel's annual exhibition. FCC members are displaying their work.

29 September to 03 October 2016,

Rendez Vous host their exchange partner group

20 members of Meudon's Tea & Chat group will visit Rushmoor and be hosted by members of Rendez Vous.

02 to 04 September 2016,

International Windrose Society

The International Windrose Society in Oberursel is inviting a band from Rushmoor to play at its anniversary celebrations.

02 to 04 September 2016,

Unveiling of statue commemorating victims of Nazi regime

Entirely funded by voluntary contributions, the statue is finished and was officially unveiled. The Mayor and Mayoress of Rushmoor represented the Borough at the event.

21 to 28 August 2016,

Visit to Lomonosov, Russia

Lomonosov is Oberursel's Russian twin town and a member of Rushmoor's Twinning Association spent a week with a group from Oberursel in the Russian town.

05 to 07 August 2016,

Wine Festival

Some Rushmoor residents will be present at the annual wine festival in Oberursel.

11 to 17 July 2016,

Farnborough International Air Show

A Meudon student is working at the Air Show and will be hosted by a Farnborough family.

09 to 11 July 2016,

Golf tournament

Southwood Golf Club hosted players from Oberursel in their annual tournament.

27 June to 03 July 2016,

German exchange in Farnborough

Farnborough Sixth Form will host 20 Oberursel Gymnasium students for a week as the return leg of this year's exchanges.

27 to 30 May 2016,

Cove FC Football Tournament

Cove FC is inviting a young football side from Oberursel to Rushmoor to play football and visit Farnborough.

20 to 23 May 2016,

Brunnenfest Festival

A team from the Twinning Association will man Rushmoor's stand at this annual festival selling beer, cider and whisky.

15 to 16 May 2016,

International Youth Football Tournament

An U12 side from Cove FC will represent Rushmoor at Oberursel's annual International Youth Football Tournament.

09 to 10 April 2016,

Meudon Fun Runs & Walk

On 10 April 2-16, Fun Runs through Meudon Forest: 800m,1.8km, 4.7km, 10km. Fun Walk: 4.7km Accommodation and some meals provided. Participants from Rushmoor are invited. Please contact

08 to 09 April 2016,

Taunus Heavy Metal Music Festival

A band from Rushmoor is invited to take part in the annual Taunus Heavy Metal Music Festival. There is provision to camp at the Festival.

17 to 20 March 2016,

Hawley Place School exchange

20 pupils from Hawley Place School choir are visiting Meudon to perform at various venues in the town. They will also spend a day at the Lycee Rabelais.

20 to 27 February 2016,

Farnborough 6th Form College exchange

20 students studying German from Farnborough Sixth Form College are spending a week with exchange partners in Oberursel.

15 to 19 February 2016,

Work experience

Two students from Farnborough Sixth Form College are undertaking a week's work experience in Oberursel - one in the Town Hall's International Dept and one in a solicitor's office.

03 to 05 December 2015,

Musical groups from Rushmoor perform in Meudon

A choral group from Hawley Place School and the brass quintet Cactus Brass, will be performing at various venues in Meudon during the first week in December. The two groups have performed very successfully together in the past in Oberursel.

27 November 2015,

A Concert of Seasonal Music

A concert of seasonal music presented by Cactus Brass and Hawley Place School Choir in aid of Parity for the Disabled. More...

26 to 29 November 2015,

Christmas Market in Oberursel

The Twinning Association will be selling traditional English Christmas Fare.

08 to 12 October 2015,

Two Rushmoor groups visiting Meudon for the Fete des Vignes

Members of Farnborough's French Language Circle and Farnborough Sixth Form College's jazz band will be hosted in Meudon for the Fete des Vignes (Wine Festival).

27 September to 03 October 2015,

English Residential Course

A course offering professional English tuition in Rushmoor is offered to residents from our twin towns.

02 to 23 August 2015,

Work experience student from Oberursel

A student from Oberursel will spend 3-weeks doing work experience in Farnborough. She will be hosted by a local family.

31 July to 01 August 2015,

Oberursel Wine Festival

A group of 4 Rushmoor residents will be attending this annual event in Oberursel.

27 June to 04 July 2015,

Farnborough Sixth Form exchange

Farnborough Sixth Form will host 20 students from the Gymnasium - its exchange partner school in Oberursel.

29 May to 01 June 2015,

Brunnenfest, Oberursel

Members of the Twinning Association will be manning a stall selling English beer, cider and whisky.

24 to 25 May 2015,

International Football Tournament U11s

Cove FC will be sending a team of U11s to play in a football tournament against French, Russian and German sides.

21 to 23 May 2015,

Sulechow Days Summer Festival

A dance group has been invited to perform at Sulechow's Summer Festival.

05 to 11 May 2015,

School exchange with Oberursel's Waldorfschule

Hawley Place School hosting a group of pupils from Waldorfschule, its exchange school in Oberursel.

16 to 21 March 2015,

Meudon Primary Junior school visit to Farnborough

Visit by Jules Ferry Primary school in Meudon to Manor Junior school, Farnborough

27 February to 01 March 2015,

Music talk in Meudon

A member of the Twinning Association has been invited to give a talk in Meudon on \'Wagner in Meudon\'.

20 February 2015,

Mayor's Banquet and 25th Twinning Anniversary

Rushmoor will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of twinning with Oberursel at the Mayor's Banquet. A display on Oberursel will be placed in the Princes Hall.

14 to 21 February 2015,

Work experience opportunities in Oberursel

Four students from Farnborough Sixth Form College have done work experience in Oberursel organisations for a week.

05 to 08 December 2014,

Christmas Market in Meudon

Members of the Twinning Association will travel to Meudon to sell traditional English Christmas fare at the town's Christmas Market.

27 to 30 November 2014,

Frédéric Chopin Music Festival, Sulechów

Eight pianists from Farnborough Sixth Form College are representing Rushmoor at the prestigious Frédéric Chopin Music Festival in Sulechów. More...

27 November to 01 December 2014,

Christmas Market in Oberursel

Members of the Twinning Association will travel to Oberursel to sell traditional English Christmas fare at the German Christmas Market.

27 November to 01 December 2014,

Cactus Brass performs at Christmas Market

Cactus Brass had yet another very successful visit to Oberursel for the Weihnachtsmarkt at the end of November. More...

18 October 2014,

Fundraising Gala Evening

Groups of local, young talent performed at the Prospect Theatre, Farnborough to raise funds for the Twinning Association.

15 October 2014,

Regional Twinning Meeting

The annual Regional Twinning Meeting took place in Guildford this year.

14 October 2014,

Oberursel Official Twinning Anniversary Event

Celebrating 50 years with Epiney, 25 years with Rushmoor and 10 years with Lomonossow.

11 to 13 October 2014,

College band to play at official ceremony in Oberursel

A college band in Rushmoor has been invited to perform at the official celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of twinning between Oberursel and Rushmoor.

10 to 13 October 2014,

Meudon's Twin Towns Architects' Forum

Peter Crerar represented Rushmoor at this architects' forum which included architects from six countries.

03 to 05 October 2014,

60th anniversary of Liceum College in Sulechow

Former Principal of Farnborough Sixth Form College, Dr John Guy and his wife, have been invited to the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Liceum College in Sulechow.

26 to 29 September 2014,

Tea & Chat group visit Rushmoor

About 20 members of the Meudon language circle, Tea & Chat, are visiting their partner group in Rushmoor, Rendez-Vous, as part of their regular exchange programme.

20 to 21 September 2014,

Oberursel Autumn Farmer's Market/Fair

Big annual event in Oberursel. This year, to mark the 25th anniversary of twinning between Oberursel and Rushmoor, a special exhibition of articles about Rushmoor's Fairtrade status will be put on.

22 to 25 August 2014,

Badminton tournament

Hawley Badminton Club hosted their partner club from Oberursel in their annual badminton tournament.

01 to 04 August 2014,

Wine Festival attracts Rushmoor visitors

Six Rushmoor residents will be visiting the Wine Festival in Oberursel.

21 to 23 July 2014,

Meudon youth club visits Rushmoor

A group of 10 young people from Meudon will visit Rushmoor on 22 July and will meet up in the evening with some local young people at the Gaming Zone.

06 to 08 July 2014,

Meudon infant school teachers visiting partner school

Two infant school teachers are visiting Rushmoor to see their partner school, Farnborough Grange Nursery and Infant Community School, and liaise with its teachers. The teachers are being hosted by members of staff at the school.

14 June 2014,

Victoria Day, Aldershot

The Twinning Association will be manning an information stand at this popular event.

13 to 15 June 2014,

Oberursel's Annual Brunnefest

Sunday 15 June is a special twin town day in Oberursel and a great jazz band consisting of ex-Farnborough Sixth Form students is performing to represent Rushmoor at the celebrations. Members of the Twinning Association will man a stand selling local beer and cider.

08 to 09 June 2014,

Oberursel Youth Football Tournament - under 12s

A squad from Cove-Rushmoor FC will represent Rushmoor in this special 25th anniversary football tournament. Opposition teams will be from Germany, France, Russia and Holland.

07 to 14 June 2014,

Farnborough Sixth Form College German Return Exchange

Farnborough Sixth Form College will host the return exchange visit by Oberursel students from the Gymnasium in Oberursel.

29 May to 01 June 2014,

Oberursel Schlemmertruppe visit

10 members of the Schlemmertruppe Club in Oberursel visited Rushmoor. Trips to Portsmouth and Oxford arranged.

28 April to 04 May 2014,

Hawley Place School host German visitors

Hawley Place School will host a visit of 28 pupils from their partner school in Oberursel, Waldorfschule. A full programme of lessons and activities is being prepared.

06 to 12 April 2014,

Easter English Language School, Farnborough

A residential English language course at intermediate level for residents of our twin towns. Please contact us via the Contact Us page.

31 March to 04 April 2014,

Primary School from Meudon visits Farnborough

42 pupils (2 classes) from Jules Ferry Primary School in Meudon are travelling to Rushmoor and each class will spend a day at Manor Junior School and Grange Community Primary School.

25 March to 07 May 2014,

Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Oberursel

Farnborough Camera Club will exhibit photos in the special 25th Anniversary Photo Exhibition being staged in Oberursel by Photo-Cirkel. Two members of FCC are invited to the opening of the exhibition.

15 to 22 March 2014,

Farnborough Sixth Form College German Exchange

20 students studying German at Farnborough Sixth Form College will travel to Oberursel to visit their partner college, attend lessons and do some sightseeing. Students all stay with Oberursel familes.

06 to 08 March 2014,

Music lecture

A member of the Twinning Association has been invited to give a lecture on the 'Ballets Russes' in Meudon.

02 March 2014,

Oberursel Carnival Parade

Twin towns join the parade with national flags. Rushmoor will be represented by a member of the Twinning Association.

05 to 08 December 2013,

Student Jazz Band visit Meudon

Farnborough Sixth Form Jazz Band, 'Time Out', played at markets, clubs and a concert venue in Meudon.

29 November to 02 December 2013,

Cactus Brass Band visit to Oberursel

Members of the Cactus Brass Band will be travelling to Oberursel to perform at various venues during the Christmas Market period.

28 November to 02 December 2013,

Hawley Place visit to partner school in Oberursel

Hawley Place pupils had a return visit to their partner school in Oberursel - Waldorfschule coinciding with Oberursel's Christmas Market. More...

28 November to 02 December 2013,

Oberursel Christmas Market

The Twinning Association had a stall selling Christmas goodies from England and promoting Rushmoor.

28 November to 02 December 2013,

School choral group to perform at Oberursel Christmas Market

Hawley Place School is sending a choral group to perform at Oberursel's Christmas Market and other venues.

22 to 25 November 2013,

Sixth Form students shine in International Piano Competition

Over a long weekend between Friday 22nd and Sunday 25th November five music students from The Sixth Form College Farnborough, travelled to Sulechów, Poland to take part in the annual Chopin Festival and Competition. More...

28 to 31 October 2013,

Schools band tour to Oberursel

North East Hants Area Schools Band visited Oberursel for the third time. Report by the leader Simon Wyld: More...

19 October 2013,

Gala Evening of Dance, Music and Song

Featuring local talented young people including The Time Out Septet, Dunlop Munnelly Academy of Irish Dance, Shuffles Dance Studio, SLS, ‘hpuk’ Hawley Place School Vocal Groups More...

17 to 19 October 2013,

Meudon couple win weekend in Rushmoor!

As winners of a competition in Meudon, a Meudon couple won a weekend away in Rushmoor. They were hosted by a local family and joined in lots of local activities.

13 October 2013,

Meudon Walkabout

Meudon are holding an event promoting art and their twin towns. Rushmoor is sending three people to take part, including a local artist.

04 to 07 October 2013,

Rushmoor-Oberursel Partnership exchange

It is the turn of the Rushmoor group to go to Oberursel for their 21st exchange.

24 September 2013,

Talk about Rushmoor's twin towns to U3A

Two members of the Twinning Association of Rushmoor gave a very successful talk on Rushmoor's twin towns to members of Farnborough's U3A.

07 September 2013,

Go Green in Rushmoor

A biannual local event raising awareness of local and global environmental and social issues as well as promoting cultural diversity. More...

05 to 08 September 2013,

Charity Farnborough-to-Meudon Bike Challenge

Parity for Disability is running a sponsored cycle ride from Farnborough to Meudon this September 5-8! The Twinning Association will arrange a warm welcome for them in Meudon. More...

07 August 2013,

Cody statue unveiled

A statue in memory of air pioneer Samuel Cody was unvieled in Farnborough on the 100th anniversary of his death. More...

02 to 04 August 2013,

Oberursel Wine Festival

An excellent annual event in Oberursel’s old town square – Rushmoor will have several participants there.

15 to 16 June 2013,

North Camp Summer Fayre 15 June

The Twinning Association will have an information and fundraising stand at this popular local event in Farnborough.

14 to 17 June 2013,

Rendez-Vous visit to Meudon

Farnborough's French language circle Rendez-Vous will be visiting its partner group in Meudon.

08 to 15 June 2013,

Farnborough Sixth Form Exchange

Farnborough Sixth Form welcomes 21 students from its partner school in Oberursel to Farnborough for a weeks. The students join in classes at the Sixth Form and various visits have been arranged. The German students will meet the Mayor of Rushmoor at the Council Offices on 13 June.

27 to 28 May 2013,

Donkey Derby 27 May

Twinning Association will be have a fundraising and information stand at this popular annual event in Farnborough.

24 to 26 May 2013,


Annual summer festival in Oberursel. Members of the Twinning Association man a stand selling beer, cider and whisky.

15 to 16 May 2013,

Rugby tournament

Meudon Sports Federation invites a senior rugby team from Rushmoor to participate in a friendly rugby tournament with French and Belgian teams.

24 to 25 April 2013,

Class visit by Lycee Rabelais

Hawley Place School will host a class visit by their Meudon partner school, Lycee Rabelais. The French children will take part in lessons, game and afternoon tea.

24 to 30 April 2013,

Exchange visit from Waldorfschule, Oberursel

Hawley Place School will host a visit from their Oberursel partner school, Waldorfschule. Links have been set up and this will be the first exchange.

14 April 2013,

Rushmoor participants in Meudon Fun Run

3 Rushmoor residents participated in Meudon's annual Fun Run through Meudon's forest.

11 to 13 April 2013,

Photo exhibition in Oberursel

Photo exhibition in Oberursel to celebrate Foto-Cirkel's 10th anniversary. Farnborough Camera Club sending photos for exhibition and two members will travel to Oberursel for the opening.

19 March 2013,

Primary School Exchange

St Josephs Primary School in Aldershot welcomes its Meudon partner school, also St Josephe de Bellevue, for the day. The children were put into groups and did a carousel of activities. They also joined their English penpals for lunch.

18 to 23 March 2013,

Visit from Meudon school children

Visit by 28 children and 3-4 teachers from Jules Ferry Junior school in Meudon to their Rushmoor partner school Manor Junior school in Farnborough. The French children will take part in lessons and games.

08 to 11 March 2013,

St Josephs Primary School, Aldershot

Pupils in Years 4 & 5 from St Josephs Primary School in Aldershot visited their partner school in Meudon. They went to French classes and activities.

02 to 03 March 2013,

Fun Quiz Night

Fundraising quiz night Sat 2nd March at St Marks Church Hall, Guildford Road East, Farnborough 7:00pm to raise funds for young people in Rushmoor. Individuals or teams of 5-6 to register at £5 entry. Bring your own drinks, nibbles provided.

23 February to 02 March 2013,

Farnborough Sixth Form Oberursel Exchange

19 students learning German at Farnborough Sixth Form College will spend a week studying at their partner school in Oberursel, Germany. The students will stay with their exchange friends whom they will host back in Farnborough later on this year.

10 February 2013,

Oberursel carnival

A real spectacle - anyone can go.

01 February 2013,

Presentation of Plaque of Honour

Sir Alan Meale, member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe presented the Plaque of Honour to the Mayor of Rushmoor. More...

14 January to 01 February 2013,

Work Experience

Two girls from Oberursel will be doing three weeks' work experience at Farnborough Library. Both girls will be hosted by local families.

01 January to 31 December 2013,

Farnborough student studying in Meudon

A student from Farnborough 6th Form College is doing 2-year jazz course in 12 months at Meudon's Conservatoire.

08 December 2012,

Talk on Benjamin Britten

Brian Jupp gave a talk on Benjamin Britten in Meudon.

07 to 10 December 2012,

Meudon's Christmas Market

A group of volunteers from Rushmoor sold English Christmas specialities at Meudon's Christmas Market. More...

07 to 10 December 2012,

Meudon's Christmas Market - Student Jazz Band

Farnborough Sixth Form's Jazz Band travelled by minibus to play at various locations aorund Meudon. More...

29 November to 02 December 2012,

Oberursel Christmas Market

18 to 19 November 2012,

Meudon Organ Festival

A festival of organ music. More...

29 October to 02 November 2012,

Shuffles Dance Studio on tour to Oberursel

Shuffles Dance Studio, Farnborough performed at various venues in Oberursel during half-term in October. More in a report by Principal Royston Shepherd: More...

20 October 2012,

Gourmet Wine and Food Tasting Evening,

An evening with wines and food from our twin town countries of France, Germany and Poland as well as England. More...

15 to 16 October 2012,

Grange Community Junior school visit to Meudon

4 pupils and 2 teachers visited their partner school in Meudon. More...

12 to 15 October 2012,

Rushmoor-Oberursel Partnership Exchange - the 20th exchange

The Rushmoor-Oberursel Partnership invited its partner group from Oberursel to Rushmoor for their annual exchange. More...

29 September to 26 October 2012,

Oberursel student spends a month in Rushmoor

An Oberursel student spent a month in Rushmoor - 3 weeks doing work experience at Rushmoor Borough Council and one week attending classes at Farnborough Sixth Form College. The student was hosted by a local family for the whole month.

07 to 09 September 2012,

Bandstand Marathon, Aldershot

This is a national event marking the end of the London Olympic Games - bands all over the country will play in their bandstands from 1pm - 5pm on Sunday 9th September. More...

05 September 2012 to 15 June 2013,

Study at Meudon's Conservatoire

A music student from Farnborough Sixth Form college has been accepted for a one year course at Meudon's famous music Conservatoire. He will be staying with a family in Meudon.

16 June 2012,

North Camp Fayre

Visit our information stand.

16 to 24 June 2012,

Oberursel students hosted at Farnborough Sixth Form

28 students from Oberursel were hosted by Farnborough Sixth Form College as part of a regular annual exchange. The German students attended lessons at the College and were shown local places of interest.

02 June 2012,

Victoria Day, Aldershot

Visit the Twinning Association's information stand! Princes Gardens new bandstand is opening as part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

01 to 04 June 2012,

Annual Oberursel Brunnenfest

Representatives from Rushmoor will man a stand at this annual Festival.

27 May 2012,

Donkey Derby

Visit our information stand.

27 to 28 May 2012,

Oberursel Under 12 Football Tournament

Farnborough Youth FC will be sent a team. More...

19 May 2012,

Oberursel European Festival Day

15 May 2012,

New Twinning Association of Rushmoor AGM

Any resident, club, society or organisation can join the new community Twinning Association. Just contact us for a membership form and come along to the AGM.

09 May 2012,

Rushmoor and Meudon 40th Anniversary Twinning Renewal

Official signing of new twinning charter between Rushmoor and Meudon to mark 40 years. More...

06 to 09 May 2012,

Jazz Band Performs at 40th Twinning Anniversary in Meudon

Prospect V - Farnborough Sixth Form College's jazz band performed in Meudon at the official ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of twinning between Meudon and Rushmoor. More...

05 to 10 May 2012,

Choral Group Performs at 40th Anniversary in Meudon

A choral group from Hawley Place School has been invited to perform at official events in Meudon marking VE Day and the 40th anniversary of twinning between Meudon and Rushmoor. More...

30 March to 02 April 2012,

Tea and Chat visit to Rushmoor

Visit from 'Tea and Chat,' the Meudon English language circle, to celebrate 40 years of twinning between Rushmoor and Meudon.

24 March 2012,

Barn Dance with the Roughditch Band

Dance to live music from the Roughditch Band at Farnborough British Legion, 51 Cambridge Road East, Farnborough, Hants. GU14 6QB. Tickets £12.50 per person includes a cold buffet. More...

16 March 2012,

Members and Friends Evening

03 to 10 March 2012,

Farnborough Sixth Form College students visit Oberursel

30 first-year students from the Sixth Form College Farnborough will spend a week with their exchange students in Oberursel.

28 January to 04 February 2012,

Oberursel students visit Farnborough Sixth Form College

24 students from Oberursel's Gymnasium will spend a week in Farnborough at their partner college - Farnborough Sixth Form College. More...

08 to 10 December 2011,

Photo Competition

Oberursel photo club is invited to take part in photo competition. More...

02 to 04 December 2011,

Christmas Market in Meudon

A traditional annual Christmas Market in Meudon. More...

25 to 27 November 2011,

Rushmoor-Oberursel Partnership Exchange

A regular annual group exchange. More...

25 to 27 November 2011,

Christmas Market in Oberursel

A traditional annual event in Oberursel. More...

12 to 13 November 2011,

Fundraising Murder Mystery Evening

Saturday 12th November - a Murder Mystery Evening to raise funds for youth visits and exchanges. More...

22 to 29 October 2011,

Local Schools Bands tour of Oberursel

The North East Hampshire Area Schools Bands tour of Oberursel

22 to 23 October 2011,

Fundraising Quiz Night

Saturday 22nd October - a fun quiz night to raise funds to support youth visits and exchanges. More...

23 to 25 September 2011,

Dance your socks off!

A European Dance Festival consisting of a weekend of dance workshops for local young people together with their counterparts from Meudon culminating in a gala performance for all participants at Prospect Theatre on Sunday evening 25 September. More...

17 to 18 September 2011,

Music Festival in Meudon

Young bands from Meudon's twin towns participated in an outdoor music festival. More...

10 to 11 September 2011,

Go Green in Rushmoor

Local environment day More...

26 to 29 August 2011,

British Legion Band visit to Sulechów

Farnborough Concert Band of the Royal British Legion travelled to Sulechów to perform at several venues. More...

25 to 28 August 2011,

International Chess Competition in Oberursel

Rushmoor at the annual international chess competition in Oberursel. More...

18 to 20 August 2011,

Photo Exhibition in Oberursel

An annual exhibition of photos in Oberursel's Gallery. More...

29 July to 01 August 2011,

Firefighters exchange, Oberursel

Firefighters to visit Oberursel for a long weekend

29 to 31 July 2011,

Oberursel Wine Festival

Annual event

15 July 2011,

French Day at St. Joseph's School, Aldershot

25 June 2011,

North Camp Fayre, 12 noon to 4 pm

Rushmoor Twinning Association will have an information stand at this popular local event.

10 to 19 June 2011,

Hessentag Festival, Oberursel

We will be taking part in this large festival together with Irish Dancers from Rushmoor and musicians from the Farnborough Sixth Form College

09 to 13 June 2011,

Sixth Form College Music Department Visit to Oberursel

On 12th June, students from the College were invited to join with students performing in a concert entitled “Music is our First Love”, part of the Hessentag Festival 2011. More...

30 May 2011,

Farnborough Donkey Derby

Twinning Association will have an information stand at this popular local event.

12 to 15 May 2011,

Golf exchange

Southwood Golf Club will be participating in the annual exchange golf tournament with Oberursel.

09 May 2011,

Europe day, Kronberg near Oberursel

We have been invited to take part with a musical group.

03 April 2011,

Family Fun Runs in Meudon

Fun Runs for all the family - 1.8km, 5km and 10km. Anyone wishing to take part, please contact Twinning Association.

17 to 18 March 2011,

European Year of Volunteering Event Princes Mead

There will be representatives from each of Rushmoor's twin towns joining the other 25 local voluntary groups in Princes Mead. Our European partners will be showing examples of volunteering activities in their towns.

12 to 19 March 2011,

Sixth Form College exchange visit to Oberursel

Student exchange between Farnborough Sixth Form College and Oberursel Gymnasium

04 to 08 March 2011,

Oberursel Karneval

04 to 06 March 2011,

Chopin talk in Meudon

Twinning Association member invited to give talk on Chopin in Meudon

03 to 06 March 2011,

Aldershot school exchange with Meudon

44 pupils from St. Joseph's Primary, Aldershot are visiting St Joseph de Bellevue School, Meudon

20 to 26 February 2011,

Student vists Meudon for work and language experience

Sixth form college student visits Meudon for work and language experience

15 February 2011,

Volunteer Fair at Farnborough Sixth Form College

The Twinning Association will be taking part in this event which marks National Student Week of Volunteering.

13 to 20 February 2011,

Sulechów students join in volunteering

Two students from Liceum Sulechów are coming to Farnborough to participate in Volunteering week. This on an exchange basis.

10 January 2011,

Aldershot-Meudon teacher exchange

St. Joseph's School, Aldershot, teacher exchange away

16 December 2010,

Inter-Club Digital Image Challenge Trophy

Photo-Cirkel, Oberursel are invited to take part in Farnborough Camera Club's Challenge Trophy

03 to 05 December 2010,

Marché de Noël, Meudon

We will have a stall at the Christmas market selling British Christmas Fayre.

03 to 05 December 2010,

Rendez-Vous visit to Meudon

Farnborough French language circle, Rendez-Vous, will meet up with their Meudon counterparts, Tea and Chat for the weekend.

25 to 28 November 2010,

Oberursel Christmas Market

We will have a stall at the Christmas market selling traditional English Christmas goodies.

25 November to 29 August 2010,

Cactus Brass visit to Oberursel

Cactus Brass will be playing various gigs over the Christmas Market period.

04 to 07 November 2010,

Chopin Piano Concert, Meudon

Two accomplished pianists from Rushmoor will take part and 18 music pupils will be travelling to the recitals.

17 October 2010,

Stadtlauf Fun Runs, Oberursel

5k and 10k annual fun runs in Oberursel - please contact Twinning Association, if you are interested in participating.

14 October to 23 September 2010,

Work experience for Oberursel student

A 17 year old student from Oberursel will be doing work experience in Environmental Health in Rushmoor.

09 October 2010,

Murder Mystery Challenge, St Mark's Hall, Farnborough

More than 60 people spent an enjoyable evening solving the crime. More...

03 October 2010,

Green and Global Fun Day, Aldershot

Participants from Meudon will have a stand at Princes Hall alongside the Twinnng Association's stand.

03 October to 06 September 2010,

Students from Oberursel visiting 6th Form College

About 28 students from Oberursel Gymnasium are visting 6th Form College. They will be meeting the Mayor of Rushmoor on 4 October.

04 September 2010,

Victoria Day, Aldershot

The Oberursel Festival Prince and Princess took part, helping Queen Victoria in her official duties.

06 to 09 August 2010,

Rushmoor:Oberursel Partnership Exchange

A longstanding link with regular annual exchanges. This year the exchange took place in Rushmoor.

30 July to 01 August 2010,

Wine Festival, Oberursel

Oberursel's annual wine festival.

08 July 2010,

An Evening Of Popular Song

19:00 at St Peter's Parish Centre, Church Avenue, Farnborough. Featured vocalists from the ACM Gospel Choir and Hawley Place School. Tickets £8 (adults), £5 (under 16 and full time students). Profits went to to Rushmoor-Europe Youth Exchanges. More...

24 June 2010,

Primary school visit to Meudon

A group of 50 primary school children will be visiting their partner school in Meudon. This is the return leg following a visit to Rushmoor by the French school in 2009.

24 to 27 June 2010,

Oberursel Choir to visit Rushmoor

Rushmoor Male Voice Choir has invited its partner choir Mag'scher Männerchor from Oberursel to come and celebrate its 50th anniversary in a special concert on June 26.

19 June to 16 July 2010,

Oberursel teenager work experience in Rushmoor

An Oberursel teeanger will be working at Rushmoor Borough Council. She will be hosted by an Aldershot family during her stay here.

10 to 12 June 2010,

Pupils from Meudon visit to Manor Junior School

40 x Year 5/6 pupils from Meudon primary partner school Jules Ferry are visiting Manor Junior School. The two schools have been linked and exchanging news for some time now but this will be the first time pupils meet each other.

10 to 17 June 2010,

Rushmoor schoolboy in exchange with Meudon friend

A 12-year old Rushmoor schoolboy will participate in return exchange with Meudon friend.

30 May 2010,

Fun Runs, Oberursel

5k, 10k and half-marathon. Participants from Rushmoor will be made very welcome. Contact Twinning Association. More...

28 May 2010,

Brunnenfest, Oberursel

The annual summer festival in Oberursel. The Twinning Association will be manning a stand selling beer, whisky and cider. Performers from Rushmoor are always invited. More...

23 May 2010,

Oberursel U12's Youth Football Tournament

Farnborough Athletic Football Club will be representing Rushmoor at this international event.

15 May 2010,

Europe Day Celebrations in Neu-Anspach

Rushmoor will be taking part

01 May 2010,

Oberursel Altstadt Duathlon

Participants from Rushmoor will be made very welcome. See or contact Twinning Association.

11 April 2010,

Fun runs in Meudon

Participants from Rushmoor will be made very welcome. Contact Twinning Association

20 to 20 March 2010,

7 pm, Fund Raising Quiz Night

Teams of 5/6 people are invited to take part in our Quiz Night at St. Marks Hall, Guildford Road East, Farnborough, GU14 6QE. Raffle and prizes. Entry £5 per person includes nibbles. Please, bring your own drinks. Register by 12 March at Contact Us or call 01252 812442.

06 to 13 March 2010,

Sixth Form College, Farnborough visit to Oberursel

28 first-year Sixth Form College students studying AS-level German are travelling to their Oberursel partner school for one week. More...

04 to 06 December 2009,

Meudon Christmas Market

Meudon's annual twin town Christmas Market. The Twinning Association manned a stall selling English Christmas specialities.

04 December 2009,

Tourism & Craft Event, Meudon

Meudon invited participants from Rushmoor for a tourism and crafts demonstration event in Meudon from 4-6 December 2009. A lacemaker and greetings card maker travelled to Meudon and were a great success. Members of the Twinning Association represented Rushmoor in the tourism event.

26 November 2009,

Oberursel Christmas Market

Rushmoor manned a stall selling traditional English Christmas goodies.

26 to 28 November 2009,

Twin Town Christmas Fayre

The annual Twin Town Christmas Fayre held in Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Farnborough on 20, 21 and 22 November. As well as the usual Christmas goodies, Oberursel's Fountain Queen visited Rushmoor and took part in switching on Princes Mead's Christmas lights.

10 October 2009,

Sixth Form College, Farnborough visit to Oberursel

15 first-year students studying German at Farnborough's Sixth Form College visited the College's partner school in Oberursel.

04 October 2009,

Green & Global Day, Aldershot

The Twinning Association manned an information stand at the annual Green & Global Day in Aldershot.

25 September 2009,

Cactus Brass appeared in Meudon

A local brass quintet, Cactus Brass, performed in Meudon alongside its partner band from Meudon, Jazz du Val.

24 September 2009,

Parity for Disability Sponsored Cycle Ride to Meudon

Local charity, Parity for Disability, organised their second sponsored cycle ride for 17 riders from Farnborough to Meudon.

18 September 2009,

Photo-Cirkel Photo Exhibition, Oberursel

Farnborough Camera Club sent several representatives to Oberursel to participate in the opening ceremony of its partner club's special anniversary photo exhibition. Farnborough Camera Club had 12 photos in the exhibition which was open to members of the public in Oberursel from 18 September to 7 October 2009.

05 to 06 September 2009,

Rendez-Vous meets Tea & Chat

Members of the Farnborough French language circle, Rendez-Vous, met up with their Meudon counterparts from Tea & Chat at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

30 July to 02 August 2009,

Group visit to Oberursel & Wine Festival

To celebrate twenty years of twinning with Oberursel, a group visit for Friends of Twinning and/or members of the Twinning Association was organised to coincide with Oberursel's annual wine festival. Accommodation with host families was provided free of charge but all participants paid for their own travel arrangements and if required, hotel rooms.

11 July 2009,

North Camp Fayre

The Twinning Association participated in the Parade and had a fundraising car boot sale.

02 July 2009,

Meudon exchanges

Return leg of exchange to Rushmoor for two 16 year-olds from Meudon. They stayed with Rushmoor families for a week.

01 July 2009,

Oberursel exchanges

Four Rushmoor students and one Oberursel student did various work experience placements in Rushmoor and Oberursel for 6 weeks during the summer holidays.